Hi everyone.

I am Christiaan Quyn, an entrepreneur with an avid interest in product development, digital growth and capital allocation based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I developed an interest in programming by accident during my tenure as a HVAC service engineer and then went on to work as a front-end developer before forming my own company. I enjoy constantly learning and discovering new and better ways to drive revenue growth through technology.

I am the co-founder of DataSprig. An agency dedicated to helping medium to large scale companies lead digital efforts that lead to real revenue growth, helping some of Sri Lanka's most respected corporate entities make data driven decisions that have increased their bottom line. Additionally, I have an avid interest in reading anything to do with value investing, history and economics and write about topics and books that interest me on my blog. Check out my blog if you would like to learn more.

Things I'm passionate about


Web Development

Programming is empowering. I am always excited by new libraries and frameworks and constantly look to grow as an engineer. As an open source advocate I set up all my projects on Github.

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Electronic Music Production

Prior to developing web apps full time I produced electronic music, supported by the likes of Darude, Above & Beyond, W&W, Gareth Emery and many more. Check out my Soundcloud for more.

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Concept Art

When I'm not hard at work, I constantly go through concept art for inspiration. I use a combination of Procreate and Sketch to draw a combination of my own art and mockups and upload it to my Artstation account.