About Me

Hi everyone

My name is Christiaan Quyn and I am the co-founder of datasprig.com, a digital agency based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I also founded the Quyn Capital partnership, a small value investment fund. 

I love constantly learning and thinking about how to best deploy capital. This involves consistently reading and learning about a wide variety of subjects from business to psychology to engineering and economics. All in my quest to acquiring 'worldly wisdom' and lead a meaningful life.

I did not intend for life to turn out this way, I spent most of my teenage years playing, learning, and producing music and was hoping to become a professional music producer. However, my dad intervened and I ended up studying engineering and business, learned to code, and then went on to work as a front-end developer before co-founding my own company.

Great books and ideas have changed my life. I value independent thinking and this blog is a collection of my investment letters, mental models, and ideas that help me master most of what some very smart people have already figured out.

I hope reading some of the material here was as insightful as it was for me to put it together.